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Musée Vankleek Hill Museum

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Visit our entire site for a great intro to our local history. We are located in Eastern Ontario, on a rise of land equidistant from Canada's capital Ottawa, and the wonderful Québec metropolitan city of Montréal!
Musée Vankleek Hill Museum & Family History Resource Centre
Contact us year round:   info@vankleek.ca  or 613-678-2323

Musée Vankleek Hill Museum
June, July, August 2015
contacts 613-678-2323
or info@vankleek.ca
   Genealogy:  Board of Directors 2015

As of June 24, 2015, Musée Vankleek Hill Museum has hired student William Proulx to be the museum's Exhibit Planner for the summer of 2015. William was hired using the Summer Jobs grant the museum recieved from the Canadian government.
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Plus visit The Ontario Genealogical Society, la Société franco-ontarienne d'histoire et de généalogie, and the Canadian Genealogy Centre. Contact:     family@vankleek.ca 
President: J. Denis Seguin
Vice-President: Harvey LeRoy
Secretary: Naomi Mahon
Directors: Gary Barton, Julia Beaudoin, Jim Caputo, Mary Fraser, Lauren Moir, and Norm MacCrimmon.